Whether our clients are in need of turnkey design and production for a project or production only services with their own design team, we customize our service to provide a unique event or permanent installation experience.

  • project planning and design from concept to implementation
  • customized furnishing production and curation
  • interior design and related production services
  • comprehensive event production services 



Once upon a time… Krislyn Komarov (our Creative Director) and Mary Hill (our Producer) met on a job site; Krislyn, a botanical artist and Mary, a production coordinator. Thrown into the chaos of a messy, stressful production, the two calm-natured twenty-ish girls were drawn together in an effort to keep their sanity. Over the years, they called on one another to strategize and problem solve on various projects and partnerships. In 2014, they made their partnership official and formed Krislyn Design and Production (KDP) with the unified goal to provide stress-free creative and production services to a select clientele.

With complementing approaches to work and process, Krislyn and Mary enter into each project with the goal of creating a positive and inspiring environment for not only their clients and guests, but for each and every individual lending their time, talent and expertise to the project. Each and every production is considered a collaboration on all levels.

KDP prides itself on marrying sophisticated, artistic aesthetic with thoughtful development and implementation.


Each event should feel fresh, forward and unique.

With appropriate creative planning and diligence, there is not any challenge within the production that can’t be faced and overcome.

Guests should leave an event feeling inspired, refreshed and transported.


Design inspiration comes from various sources depending on the event. For example, the unique architecture of a venue may provide the creative spark or simply, notes from a client. Our specialty is in creating environments that feel as if they have been designed for lasting effect instead of a temporary experience. KDP spends endless hours building a reserve of inspiration that has a unique point of view and may be customized for each special project.


An overused phrase of “its all in the details” is simply the truth. The logistical operations and planning of KDP are as important as the creativity. Budgets and production plans matter.


What sets KDP apart is the merger of specialized creative and production perspective. Whether fabricating an object or producing a large scale project this merger utilizes the best of both to create beauty and functionality to each project.